We are a coalition of athletes, coaches, gyms, volunteers, as well as family members and friends who are united by a love of the sport of powerlifting and want to see it grow and thrive for athletes of all levels and abilities in Australia.

Our strength is in the Alliance with our members and is underpinned by our affiliation with the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). The IPF provides a framework for competitions and the opportunity for interested athletes to compete at world competitions.

In Australia, we seek to uphold the values and rules of the IPF, and provide athletes of all levels and abilities opportunities to participate in competitions run in compliance with IPF rules.

We invite you to #JoinTheAlliance, get involved, compete if you wish, or just get strong with us.

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2024 Nationals Series: Masters and Equipped Classic
Sat 08 Jun 2024 08:00 — Sun 09 Jun 2024 18:00
Wallsend Diggers Club
City Strength HQ Open XIX
Sat 29 Jun 2024 09:00 — 19:00
City Strength HQ
First Nations Cup III
Sat 06 Jul 2024 09:00 — Sun 07 Jul 2024 19:00
Hunter Performance Centre
Iron Showdown
Sat 13 Jul 2024 14:00 — Sun 14 Jul 2024 19:00
Power Elite
The Australian Powerlifting Alliance is proud to announce our first ever IPF International Team.  A team of 14 athletes will be representing Australia and competing at the  2024 IPF BENCH WORLDS in Austin, Texas. May 21st - June 1st, 2024. · Read more

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